Warriors Profile: Promise? No. Reality.

Gift. Determination. Recognition. These words define the Santa Catarina surfer of Guarda do Embaú, Tainá Hinckel of 15 years old

Warriors Profile: Promise? No. Reality.

Gift. Determination. Recognition. These words define the Santa Catarina surfer of Guarda do Embaú, Tainá Hinckel of 15 years old

With broad smile, loaded southern accent and blond curly hair I ask how he cares and leave them hydrated, as she spends hours in the sea: “I only use shampoo and conditioner. Every once in a while, a cricket”, simplifying what I imagined to be complex. In the past she had suffered because she wasn’t as smooth as other colleagues. “They said they used to wax paraffin in their hair, they said they were my friends and they treated me like that.” Even annoyed, Tainá focused on the sport. While her colleagues practiced to pass the time, she trained in the sea every day. Already aiming for achievements in the future.

While in Brazil go to school like any normal girl. Due to his talent in the sport she has permissions to do the homework during the trips. Everything indicated that it would follow its parents, Carlos Kxote is shaper — makes surfboards —, which she says to make her favorites, and her mother surfs for leisure. Destiny indicated that the ocean would be their home.

With her father Carlos Kxote
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Tainá travels a lot to compete and train. Once when he was in Indonesia in 2015, on an island full of surfers and isolated from the mainland, he spent one of the most troubled times. His biggest dream was to surf in that country, but…

During a wave like many others that had picked up that day a Frenchman who was in the water began to curse it. With macho words he said that the waves of that afternoon “were not for women” and that she had to leave. He threatened to hit her, for he had caught a wave of it. “Bro didn’t do it for wanting, didn’t know he was on the wave. About the threats I had no one to turn to, I was on an island. I even got out of the sea after that”, she recalls. That only strengthened her.

By the age of 10, she had already overthrown boys in the championships. At eleven she’s already traveling abroad to compete. At the age of 12, she was a South American champion. Today at fifteen is the best under-20 in Brazil and the third best in the world in the same category, according to World Surf League ranking (WSL) the equivalent of FIFA in football. Carlos Kxote, his father, says, “She’s determined”.

Tainá Hinckel makes anyone feel the urge to talk to her. She has a quiet, girlish voice. Gradually shows his maturity when talking about the differences of awards of the WSL league between men and women. In some cases $ 40 thousand for the first place. “The difference between the two is great in many ways, including male chauvinism. I know that women aren’t inferior to men. Each one has its value”, Firm words show your personality from someone who doesn’t give up easily.

“A girl with a very kind heart, very family and determined”, highlights hers father with pride. Rafaela Coelhos her best friend adds: “She’s very focused and upright”. Both participated in the Colônia de Férias program, Canal Off — where promises of surfing received training for a month in Costa Rica.

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“We went through incredible moments together; unique We’ve known each other since babies, our mothers studied together. But from the age of six we get closer”, explain Rafaela. “It means a lot to have her as my friend, our friendship is inexplicable, she’swonderful”, says affectionately.

Taking time for family, friends, school and career are common college challenges. Not from a 15 year old girl. “Reconciling all these factors hasn’t been easy. Whether I want to or not I stop having a “normal” life to go after my dream. That’s what I chose. In the end what I conquer with all this will matter”, says Hinckel.

Imported. Before the conversation Taina spoke of the Tokyo Olympics, the first to have surfing on the table of competitions. “It’s always been a dream for the Olympics, it will be a huge pleasure if that happens”. Weeks later Tainá was called by the Brazilian Olympic Committee to be part of the Brazilian women’s surfing team. She’ll play championships bearing the Brazilian flag in search of a ranking for 2020.

Credit: Brazilian Olympic Committee

Along with the experienced Silvana Lima and Tatiana Weston-Web, hers maturity grows, but without leaving aside her girlish way. Her voice was calm, full of accent, and a broad smile. Trademarks of Tainá Hinckel, the promise that today is reality.


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